Installing free X-Windows on Microsoft Windows (PUTTY and Xming):

1)   Download putty.exe at to Desktop.

2)   Download Xming at

3)   Start Xming-6-9-0-31-setup.exe and install

4)   Start Xming on Desktop. X should appear in lower right taskbar

5)   Start Putty

6)   For Hostname, use

7)   For Connection type use SSH.

8)   Under Connection on left side, click on + next to SSH

9)   Click on X11 and click on Enable X11 forwarding

10)     Go back to Session on left side and enter cronus under Saved Sessions and click Save

11)     Click on Open. Enter YES about "host key not cached" if asked.

12)     Log into cronus

13)       Enter "xterm &" to start an X Window

 In the future, do 4), 5), Load cronus, 11), 12)