For resources outside the HiPeCC domain try the following helps and hints. 

Also if you know of any sites that might be useful to other users, let the System Administrator know and it will be added to this list.

Working with UNIX:

See a UNIX tutorial
Or try commonly used UNIX commands.

Editing your files:

See a Beginner's guide to vi and ex.
Or try Mastering vi which is a bit more in depth.

For emacs see Where can I find help with Emacs.

For pico take a look at pico for UNIX.

Programming in FORTRAN:

FORTRAN Tutorial Guide

FORTRAN 77 Reference


FORTRAN 90 for the FORTRAN 77 Programmer



            Kansas State University: Beocat: High Performance Computing at K-State

eXtreme Digital (XD), formerly TeraGrid, encompasses 11 supercomputer centers to create an integrated, persistent computational resource. All of our major applications can be found there. We have had several users request and receive allocations there. If we run out of licenses or other resources, consider running there.

TOP500 Supercomputer Sites

Computers and Computation:

Top Ten Algorithms of the Century


HiPeCC gets the following and they are available for checkout

Computing in Science and Engineering

Scientific Computing and Instrumentation

Scientific Computing World

EnVision (NPACI)