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One Million CPU Minutes* Club

2000: Prasanta Deb (NIAR)

2001: Stan Stoyanov (Chemistry)

2002: Stan Stoyanov (Chemistry)

2003: Dr. Yuri Ilitchev (Chemistry), Shih-Chih Lo (Aerospace Engineering) and Stan Stoyanov (Chemistry)

2004: Dr. Yuri Ilitchev (Chemistry), Stan Stoyanov (Chemistry) and Vasant Pednekar (Mechanical Engineering)

2005: Curtis Moore (Chemistry), Paul Karr (Chemistry), Dr. Mel Zandler (Chemistry), David Fusilier (Physics), Dr. Jason Ferguson (Physics). Michael Kullman (Chemistry), Amit Deshpande (Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering)

2006: Michael Kullman (Chemistry), Paul Karr (Chemistry), Kazi Faishal, (Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering), Dr. Mel Zandler (Chemistry), Ovais U. Khan (Aerospace Engineering), Khamis Siam (Chemistry)

2007: Michael Kullman (Chemistry), Paul Karr (Chemistry), Ovais U. Khan (Aerospace Engineering), Dr. Mel Zandler (Chemistry)

2008: Michael Kullman (Chemistry), Travis Cooper (Chemistry), Dr. Mel Zandler (Chemistry), Palanivel Swaminathan (Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering), Dale Kerstetter (Chemistry), Paul Karr (Chemistry)

2009: Michael Kullman (Chemistry), Dale Kerstetter (Chemistry), Travis Cooper (Chemistry), Dr. Mel Zandler (Chemistry)

2010: Michael Kullman (Chemistry), Paul Karr (Chemistry), Michael Van Stipdonk (Chemistry), Mahmoud Nejad (Aerospace Engineering), Sandeep Gadiparthi (Aerospace Engineering), Armin Ghoddoussi (Aerospace Engineering), Mohammad Badr (Aerospace Engineering), Dr. Mel Zandler (Chemistry), Arun Santosh Seetamsetti (Mechanical Engineering), Balaraju Bende (Mechanical Engineering)

2011: Niloufar Mahmoud Nejad (AE), Sandeep Gadiparth (AE), Parth Dave (AE), Anil Kumar Malipeddi (AE), Shoeb Ahmed Syed (AE), Lavanya Vemuri (ME), Muhammad Asyraf Bin Tasin (AE), Paul Karr (Chem), Mel Zandler (Chem)

*One Million CPU Minutes is equivalent to 694.4 CPU Days or using 1.9 CPUs for a full year.

Ten Million CPU Minutes**** Club

2012: Kok Chian Ng (AE)

****With the dramatic increase in cores (and many one million CPU minutes being achieved) we will "raise the bar" to ten million CPU minutes.

Engineering Open House
Adem Calik** Computational Award

2002: "SMARTFORM (Sheet Metal Automated Rapid Tooling for Forming)": Mathews Goveas, Santosh Dhulapati, PraKash Bharathi, Kiran Gainedi and Amit Nair

2003: "Simulation of Bird Strike using Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Technique": Satish Swargam and Harishankar Nagarajan

2004: "Investigation of 3D Machining (Orthogonal and Oblique)": Vasant Pednekar and Amir Adibi-Sedeh

"Applied Cluster Computing Team", Thomas Backus, Linda Bailey, Lewis Bui, Jonathan Kaufman, Melvin Rafi, Gordon Sim
2nd: "Kinematic Analysis of a Motorcycle with and without Airbag in a Passenger Car Collision Environment", Pankaj Deshmukh, Amit A. Deshpande, Kranti Nelluri
3rd: "Flexible Chassis and Seat Mechanism for Frontal Impact", Aditya U. Joshi, Lalitkumar Sahare, Vikas T. Yadav

"Dependence of Metal Cutting Simulations in the Johnson-Cook Model Thermal Softening Parameter", Amit Anand Deshpande, Vasant Pednekar, A H Adibi Sedeh
2nd: "Committeee Network (CN) Force Prediction Model in Milling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers", Devi Kalla, Prashant Lodhia
3rd: "Study the Effect of Variations on Riveting Process Using Finite Element Simulation", Bijay Bajracharya, Kazi Aman Ullah M  Faishal

"Experimental Determination of Velocity and Strain Rate Fields in Orthogonal Cutting", Dinesh Mahadevan, A. Belur-Sheshaari, K. Yegneswaran, A. Pari
2nd: "Predicting the Microstructure Evolution During Hot Forging of Superalloy In718", Mahdi Saket Kashani
3rd: "Virtual Reality System with Haptic/Auditory Devices for Assembly and Maintenance Training", Venkataramani Narayanan, Shyam Krishna

1st: "Bird Strike & Damage Mitigation", Leah Boundy, Stephanie Patrick, Toan Le, Chithruka Dissanayale
"Digital Tube: Tube emulation through digital design", Andy Zerngast, Liang Jiang, Shane Hodges, Adil Hanine
3rd: "Reducing Model Interference Using a Sting Mount", Kevin Kelly, Brian Hinson, Wesley Smith, Maryann Kamunge

1st: "Thermo-mechanical analysis of friction stir welding process using Ls-Dyna", Anupam Badamikar, Ester Sanseviero
"Application of Vehicle Routing Problem Heuristic in Logistics Management", Zach Woods
3rd: "Horizontal Bump Forming Process", Michael A. Zollinger, Aaron M. Cunningham, Ivaylo P. Kostov, Sang Hoon Lee

1st: "Modeling of cutting tool wear", Amit Deshpande, Team Leader
"Computational Fluid Dynamics for Condensation in Mini and Micro Channels", Yaamunan Venkatesan
3rd: "Biothermal Analysis of a Biodevice for Cryotherapy", Rohitha Paruchuri

1st: "Multi-sensor Health Diagnosis using Deep Belief Network Based State Classification", Prasanna Tamilselvan
"Energy Efficient Vehicle Routing Problem", Shokoufeh Mirzaei
3rd: "Laboratory Wind Tunnel", Amy Lueking, Team Leader

1st: "Rolled Lead Strip Cutting Device", Debay Woldeyesus, An Truong Nguyen, Bing Tzuan Goh, Hien Ngoc Vo, Song Tuong, Xuan Mai Nguyen Dao
"A Microburst Response and Recovery Scheme Using Advanced Flight Envelope Protection", Melvin Rafi
3rd: "A Hybrid Inference Approach for Multi-Sensor Health Diagnostics with Unknown Faulty State", Prasanna Tamilselvan, Ramkumar Jayaraman

1st: "Thermoelectric Generations from Compact Heat Exchanger", Matthew McKenna, Xialong Cui, Duane Flug, Supus Kariyawasam, Peter Lang, David Thach, Annie Tran
"System for Transmission of Energy for Electricity Production", Scott B. Miller, Todd Hanson, Larry Nguyen, Manbir Suffi, Daniel Peterson, J. Tanner Lampe
3rd: "Solar Updraft Tower for Electical Power Generation", Gary Friend, Ahmed Almusawi, Michal Beisner, Jason Burget, Amy Shore

1st: "Numerical Analysis of Blood Flow in the Human Aorta and Bypass Grafts", Foo Kok
2nd: "Dynamic Reliability Analysis Using Confidence-base Sequential Sampling Approach", Zequn Wang
3rd: "Tensile Testing Prototype for Aircraft Skin-And-Stringer Assembly", Samantha Allen, Kyle Hemberger, Hai Hoang, Jason Sigg

1st: "Modelling and Simulation of Fluid Flow through a Dynamic Electochemical Biodegradation Test Apparatus", Shawn Hughes
2nd: "Structural Reliability in Disjoint Active Failure Regions", Xiaolong Cui
3rd: "Tool Rake Face Temperature Distribution by Near Infrared Thermography while Using YAG Tools to Mchine Ti6AI4V", Jean Carlos Garcia-Gonzalez

1st: "OpenBowShock2D- A User-Friendly Numerical Simulator of High-speed Flow", Stanislav Karpuk
2nd: "Thermal Protection of Airplane Engine Pylon Structure(insulation system)", Kent Douglas, Tyler Hageman, Koede Haight, Timmy Phanthavong
3rd: "Airplane Engine Pylon Ventilation", Michael DeSilva-Ranasinghe, Yatharsana Manickavasagar


** Adem Calik, who moved from Turkey to Wichita shortly before the start of the fall 2001 semester, was a graduate student in aerospace engineering. He had finished all the coursework for his master’s degree when he was tragically killed in a car accident on August 28, 2002. At the time of his death, Calik was starting doctoral classes and preparing to defend his master’s thesis. His graduate research was for an Air Force grant dealing with hypersonics and magnetogasdynamics. In the previous year, Calik was awarded two graduate-level awards, the Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding First Year Graduate Fellowship — Master’s Level and the Dora Wallace Hodgson Summer Graduate Research Award. Members of the aerospace engineering faculty did the paperwork required to award him a posthumous graduate degree.

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