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MAKE SURE setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE '7241@cronus' IS IN YOUR .cshrc

Fluent v14 has been installed on Aries!
/apps/Fluent.Inc/v145/fluent/bin in your $PATH

Fluent v14 Tutorial Files have been installed on Aries!
/apps/Fluent.Inc/v140/Tutorial_Inputs/Fluid_Dynamics/FLUENT/ has zip files


Note: -l fluent_ncpus=X makes the job wait for licenses and is required

Parallel Operation

It is extremely important to determine if your problem will benefit from additional processors (cpu's). Run your problem for a few iterations with 1 processor. Repeat for 2 and then 4 processors. If you do not get a corresponding speedup then your problem may be too small to scale well. If so, do not add additional processors because it may actually slow down your job performance.


aries example

Note the changes in bold

Replace X where X is the number of processors (up to 32)

Please request that a directory be created for you in /apps/Fluent.Inc/user
MAKE SURE /apps/Fluent.Inc/v145/fluent/bin IS SET IN YOUR $PATH IN .cshrc

#PBS -q para -l select=1:ncpus=
X:ariesall=True:mpiprocs=X -l fluent_ncpus=X
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE "7241@cronus-b"
setenv WORKDIR /apps/Fluent.Inc/user/m747g263
cd ~/fueltank
cp Tank3D.scr $WORKDIR
cp Tank3D.dat $WORKDIR
cp Tank3D.cas $WORKDIR
fluent 3ddp -tX -pinfiniband -ssh -cnf=$PBS_NODEFILE -g -i Tank3D.scr > & Tank3D.out
cp Tank3D.out ~/fueltank
cp Tank3D.dat ~/fueltank
rm -rf $WORKDIR/*


Where Tank3D.scr (a steady state example) contains:

file rc Tank3D.cas
solve init init
solve it 2
wd Tank3D.dat

Here is an unsteady state example where you supply X, Y, Z & N:

File rcd jobname.cas                    % Reads both Case and Data job files %
File autosave data-frequency       % Saves the data automatically %
X                                                   % Saves the data automatically at every 'X' time steps %
Solve set time-step Y                    % Sets the time step dt = 'Y' sec %
Solve dual-time-iterate
Z                                                   % Total number of time steps %
N                                                   % Number of iterations for each time step %
File wd finaldatafile.dat                 % Writes the updated Data file %

For technical assistance, email aca-support@fluent.com