ABAQUS Installation and Licensing Guide
includes Customizing the ABAQUS environment

Abaqus Student Community

Introduction to ABAQUS

Documentation is available on a DVD from your advisor who can get it from John

WARNING: Do *NOT* use Hummingbird Exceed v7 or v8 with ABAQUS. See this link.

If you have less than 20,000 nodes and are not using NIAR Abaqus license
then use the Abaqus Teaching license by
1) creating abaqus_v6.env in your problem directory containing "academic=TEACHING"
2) remove " -l abaqus_ncpus= X" from #PBS command

Replace X where X is the number of processors

Underlined portion is for Explicit only
For Standard, some operations can use MPI while others cannot
See Abaqus Analysis Users Manual Section 3.5.2 "PARALLEL EXECUTION IN Abaqus/Standard"

athena example

#PBS -q para -l select=1:ncpus=
X:athena=True:mpiprocs=X -l abaqus_ncpus=X
cd /user/m747g263/directory1/subdirectory2
source /apps/abaqus/set_abaqus.csh
abaqus job=jobname input=inputfile.inp cpus=
X mp_mode=mpi parallel=domain domains=X interactive
rm -rf $TMPDIR

athena user subroutine example

First step is compile on athena head node, then submit regular compute job as above

#PBS -q compile -l select=1:ncpus=8:host=athena:mpiprocs=8 -l abaqus_ncpus=8
cd /user/username/problemdir
source /apps/abaqus/set_abaqus.csh
setenv TMP /temp/`id -nu`
source /opt/intel/fce/10.1.021/bin/ifortvars.csh
abaqus job=newtry-copy1 user=usersub input=newtry-copy1.inp cpus=8 interactive
rm -rf $TMPDIR

gpgpu example

NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate SIMULIA Abaqus FEA Solver


On the Use of GPUs for Real Life Simulation


Abaqus Solution Overview

NVIDIA Tesla K20s are supported by the Direct Sparse Solver only for Abaqus/Standard

Replace Z with the sum of X + 1

Run this command to determine which compute node to use: GPGPU-status

#PBS -q para -l select=1:ncpus=
X:host=compute-7-3:mpiprocs=X -l abaqus_ncpus=Z
cd /user/m747g263/directory1/subdirectory2
source /apps/abaqus/set_abaqus.csh
abaqus job=jobname input=inputfile.inp cpus=
X gpus=1 standard_parallel=all interactive
rm -rf $TMPDIR